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Multi Mode IFAK
Multi Mode IFAK
Have multiple armor/load bearing platforms? Do you have to constantly move medical supplies from one pouch to another? Hate the fact that your life saving IFAK varies in operation and layout from one platform to another? MTG’s Multi Mode IFAK solves that problem when used in conjunction with one of the Multi Mode Harnesses (sold separately). The pouch moves from harness to harness in a snap! Maintains the same layout and one handed operation that is critical for a lifesaving self-aid situation. The Multi Mode IFAK can also be used in most cargo pockets.

*Note - Need your medical pouches filled? Custom Medical load-outs are available for unit/agency orders. A minimum of 20 pcs applies for this service. Contact us Directly for more information.*
  • Pouch dimensions: 5.5” Tall x 6” wide x 2” de
  • Can be carried in either a cargo pocket, range bag, Molle Harness-Multi Mode (sold separately), or Headrest Harness-Multi Mode (sold separately)
  • Designed for one handed operation-pouch is secured with hook and loop around perimeter
  • Has a paracord neck lanyard that tucks into flat pocket (located on the rear of the pouch). Lanyard can be accessed with thumb and placed around the neck with one hand. This allows the pouch to hang in the center of the body for one handed opening and self-aid access.
  • Pouch has two handles-one red located on top rear edge of pouch, and another located on front of pouch. Both handles can be used to “rip open” the pouch in a traditional method. The front handle is used to open with one hand while worn around neck with lanyard.
  • Pouch closes with hook and loop to facilitate self-aid rapid access
  • Mounting platforms separately: Molle Harness-Multi Mode, Headrest Harness-Multi Mode
  • Designed to hold the following contents (not included) via elastic loops or pockets:
    • 4” trauma dressing
    • Tourniquet
    • NPA
    • Surgilube packet
    • Needle for Chest decompressions
    • Hemostatic Agent
    • Chest Seal
    • Can hold additional items such as small shears, flat pack gauze, gloves…
Available Colors:
  • Black
  • Coyote
  • Digital Woodland - Special Order/Minimum Quantities Apply
  • Multicam
  • Ranger Green
  • Digital Desert - Special Order / Minimum Quantities apply
  • Other colors / patterns available for special order - minimum quantities apply